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Secrets of a Happy Marriage:
A word of caution before you set sail on the journey of your lifetime. This journey may not be smooth all the way. Here are a few tips from veteran travelers who have purveyed all their experience for the benefit of novices. So pack your bags and get set to go!!

  Try to accept your partner the way he/she is. Drastic changes are not possible immediately but patience always pays in the long run.

Always make your partner feel special.

When an anxiety or an apprehension hangs heavy on you, share it with your partner.

Stop comparing your partner with other people.

Be forgiving of each other's shortcomings.

Express your love: Its always nice to surprise your partner with little gifts.

Freedom of independent opinion.

Trust and faithfulness are the keys to a successful married life.

Must be sacrificing.

The largest parts of compromise are openness to the other’s point of view and good communication when differences arise.

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