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Reduce Cigarettes             : Cigarette smoking makes your teeth yellow in color.
Drink Plenty Of Water        : A minimum of 8 glass of water is necessary per day.
Exercise                              : Experts say that exercise is not only good for your health but
                                                it  is also good for your skin as well.
Health Food                         : Eat fresh fruits or vegetables per day to keep your                                                 skin clear and young. Avoid oily items and junk food.
The Environment              : Too much exposure to sun and pollution may have a deadly effect                                                 on your skin and may cause premature ageing. To avoid this, use                                                 a sun screen lotion while going out.
Make Up                              : Remove make up before sleeping.
Leg Care                             : Leg waxing will keep your legs clean, soft and will make them feel                                                and look good also. Moisturize your skin daily.
Neck Care                           : Neck moisturizing will slow aging and stop the lines showing.                                               
Face Care                             : Do not use soap or scented products. Use a face wash instead.
Vitamin Supplements      : They are a quick-fix solution when you are on the go but don`t forget                                                 to include vitamins into your every day food.
Alcohol                                : Avoid alcohol.
Sleep                                   : A good night’s sleep is necessary to have a glowing skin. Sleep at                                                 least 8 hours a day.
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